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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 4, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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liar, untrustworthy, crooked. how does that make you feel. >> well it certainly doesn't make me feel good. >> plus donald trump gets tripped up on foreign policy. and well he blames it on a gotcha question. >> the -- >> gotcha question you know when you are asking me about who's running in this this. that is not -- i will be so good at the military your head will spin. >> and love wins again. same-sex couples begin receiving marriage licenses in rowan county kentucky after the county clerk was jailed for refusing to issue the licenses. but first today, hillary clinton sat down for a wide ranging interview with andrea mitchell to which she responded to questions about private e-mail on her own server, a decision that's managed to
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damage her amongst voters. >> does it concern you that people don't trust your answers on this? there was a quinnipiac and i know this poll was everyone, republicans and democrats. but the first words that came to mind when asked about you were liar, untrustworthy. crooked. how does that make you feel? >> certainly not good but i am very confident that by the time this campaign has run its course, people will know that what i've been saying is accurate. but more importantly, the american people will know that they can trust me when it comes to standing up for them and fighting for them and, you know, being their advocate and their champion. and i think that is what this election when it is all said and done has to be about. >> and for the first time clinton also offered a detailed response to the question of why she wiped her server clean, despite knowing at least one congressional committee was investigating her. and how she decided which e-mails were personal and which
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ones needed to be handed over to the state department. >> they asked that -- that we, all of us, go through our e-mails to determine what was work-related and to provide that for them. the letter came to my lawyers, i asked my lawyers to please do that. and it took weeks but they went through every single e-mail. >> so the lawyers went through it. >> yes. every single e-mail. and they were overly inclusive if they thought anything was connected. that left all the personal e-mails. and i was asked do you need to keep your personal e-mails. i said no i don't. you can delete those and they were. but that doesn't change what we were asked to do, how carefully we did it and how even the state department said we sent them things that they don't believe they should have got. >> joining me now is andrea mitchell, host of msnbc's andrea mitchell reports as well as the
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moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. andrea, check of a job today. you have been getting a ton of compliments. i want to throw my own in that lot. so well-deserved. hillary clinton you gave her a few chances to say she was sorry about and this apologize. she didn't take it. take a listen. >> are you sorry? do you want to apologize to the american people for the choice you made? >> well it wasn't the best choice. and i certainly have said that. i willdo continue to say that, i've also said many times it was allowed and it was fully above board. the people in the government knew that i was using a personal account. but it would have been better if i had had two separate accounts to begin with. >> she was apologetic finish being confusing to the voter but not apologizing for her actions by any means. >> no. and when i asked why did you do it, she said well we were doing so many other things i wasn't
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thinking and asked whether that reflected a bad judgment call. and she said no. that she just wasn't thinking about her e-mails. she was thinking, clearly, as she was implying about allel o the world issues on the plate. >> you know chuck, it seemed to me that we still didn't walk away from this interview having a more clear idea of why she in fact used this personal e-mail. she goes back to convenience. but convenience from what? >> that's been the hard part about this. i'm just thinking it is -- sounds to me more difficult to set up a serve at my house for e-mail. >> right than having the government do it. >> than having nbc or comcast to do it. in this case it would have been the government. that is the part, right, define what convenience is. and i think that is the part of this that it does -- is this about foyia or congressional oversight. that spart she danced around.
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but she very contrite and every question andrea asked. and every part of this was asked. and you could sense it was a tone. there wasn't a definance there. it wasn't a joking matter. >> elaborate on that more. there were no jokes about snap chat today. no jokes about wiping the server clean with a cloth. she was very contrite and seemed to try to present herself in a more at least understanding manner than before as to why the media would be having to ask her about this. >> i think there is a recognition, they have heard this from a lot of their own allies that this e-mail issue is not going away once the fbi was investigating, especially once one of her former aide, the young man who set up the e-mail system a system, was planning to take the fifth when he's called to
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testify next week. it is not going away. it is going to be a cloud oefrts the campaign. and the e-mails themselves will be released up through january and thax you right up against caucus and primary season. so this isn't something that they can just dismiss and say it is the press. and we've been saying this. but i think it is finally being absorbed. that it isn't just the press. it has created questions about judgment, questions about sense of entitlement. and people don't really understand it. it is very complicated. but they understand that somehow she's -- and the campaign have been too lawyerly and too willing to parse phrases. so i think the difference today was in tone and in trying to be as transparent or sound as transparent as possible and saying she's going to do more interviews. more national interviews. >> you touched on something i think is very important earlier.
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and that is, you asked her sort of straight up, is why do this? you are putting your party in a difficult position after what happened to you in 2008. why would you want to risk this? take a listen to her answer and you talked about it earlier but i want to play it for our viewers. >> i was not thinking a lot when i got in. there was so much work to be done. we had so many problems around the world. i didn't really stop and think what kind of e-mail system will there be? >> does it raise judgment questions? >> well, i don't think so. i think that the facts are pretty clear. that we had a lot of hard work, hard choices to make in those four years. and i'm very proud of the work we did. i'm very proud of the people i worked with. i think we really served our country well. and now the state department has everything that they could have. so at the end of the day i am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions. but there are answers to all
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these questions. >> just wasn't thinking. that's it. >> wasn't thinking and i was busy, you know, flying around the world doing really important things as secretary of state. that is the implication and -- >> yeah. chuck we're at a point now where only 25% of the e-mails have come out. you have three different congressional committees looking into this in some -- to some degree. whether benghazi committee, the ones you have over there in the senate. as andrea mentioned you are not going to see all of these e-mails until right around the caucuses. this has potential to play out quite some time. >> this is a problem. there is this negative feedback loop they are going to struggle to get out of. and it was i think being exasperated by the fact we weren't seeing her a lot. so i am not surprise d that i think as andrea pointed out
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we're going to start hearing from her more. because they realize at the minimum we're not going to go more than three weeks out e-mails coming back in some form. you have the monthly release and then they vet the release. and october is going tong dominated by that. the first democratic debates will be in october. it will show up as an issue there. so she's not going so escape this issue for some time. she needs to figure how to deal with it. and i think they've realized they need to take it seriously so they can at least compartmentalize it as an ongoing serious thing and she's dealing with it. put it over here. it is not going to be easy but i see what they are trying to do. >> i'll oppose this question to both of you. just from having conducted a lot of high profile interview, how would you rate her today? i thought she was better than in the past but the questions are still very much unanswered. >> maybe i should defer.
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let viewers, voters and the public decide. because i'm not sure. i may be a little too close to it having done the research, put the work into it and i do think that there is a clear tone coming from a conference call i was on with the campaign and all the reporters were yesterday that they are trying to do a reset and when she said you know now it is going to be labor day, that is clearly what she's thinking. she'll be in new hampshire and iowa after she gets from puerto rico. she's not slowing down and they are going to forecacus on the e states. and realize they have to page up their games. >> first of all -- [inaudible]. you do. you get in a sense you have no idea sometimes what's going to happen. i get that. look, i think that -- i think that they -- we know what they're -- what they're hoping to do with this going forward. you know, she's still got to -- i think she's got to come one a
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better plantation for why. >> right. >> because again the idea i wasn't thinking about it. no it doesn't fit common sense. again it is more complicated to set up a contraption at home to get your e-mail than let the it people in your office do it. she decided to say no to the i.t. people. and that is what is unrelatable here to the average voter. >> you also think at some time you are going to have to come forward and say look, i was worried about those republicans coming after me once again with a witch hunt. >> if that's what it is the party will rally. >> the base will rally. but something's got to give. i agree. andrea, we can't thank you enough for making the time for us. extremely busy day. congratulations on a heck of an interview. really moving this story where it needs to be. you are the only one who could pull something like that off. thank you for the time. >> i don't know about that but
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thank you so much. >> and she talked to one former secretary of state about an e-mail process. >> and you are -- >> i got another. and apparently since secretary clinton is bringing it up we're going to find out from secretary powell about this. >> she did have two. he had a skperpersonal and a professional at the state department. coming up, hillary clinton's comments on joe biden after the vice president offers his most extensive response yet about a potential 2016 run. >> if i can reach that conclusion that we can do it, in a fashion that would still make it viable, i would not hesitate to do it. >> plus donald trump stumbles in a foreign policy interview. now trump is blasting the conservative radio host as quote third rate. and later poll numbers and punch lines as we head into the labor day weekend. we'll look back at the summer of trump through the eyes of late
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. following her interview with andrea mitchell hillary clinton flu the puerto rico. and vice president joe biden continues to make news with his latest public reflections about jumping into the race. >> the most relevant factor in my decision is whether my family and i have the emotional energy to run. but the honest to god answer is i just don't know. >> today andrea mitchell asked clinton about all the biden speculation and how the two would differ as potential
1:17 pm
rifles. >> i'm not going to address any of the political questions about my friend joe biden. he has to make a really difficult decision. you can see him struggling with it. and i just wish the best for him and his family. if he continues -- and as vice president he will continue to swerve great distinction. if he gets into the race he'll get into the debate and the back and forth. but i think everybody should give him the space to make what is a very difficult choice for him and his family. >> and joining me to talk about that choice, washington post political correspondent and nbc news political editor. welcome both of you. i'll start with you, ann. it is a family decision certainly for joe biden. but this isn't something he would entertain unless hillary clinton was taking on water and having serious trouble. if hillary clinton was flying high with high trustworthy
1:18 pm
numbers he probably isn't contemplating this. this is probably a lot to do with hillary clinton even though joe biden says it is about his family. >> right. if joe biden had scene the weak ness months ago he would have been making noises before the tragic death of his son in may. far far earlier in this race. he was presumed to be out. but it was widely assumed and certainly within the clinton camp that he had -- he had decided that this was not his time. and that it was her time. and so you are absolutely right. he -- it -- the only reason that this conversation, painful as it is in that clip as being had is because he's, and people around him see a potential opening. >> and he lost a lot of his key staff. you have people like ron klein
1:19 pm
who've been with him some time. they went over to the hillary side. and a lot of the money has gone over to the hillary side already. however joe biden says it is not about the money. he would raise the money. take a listen. >> everybody talks about the lot of the factors, the other people in the raise and whether i can raise the money and whether i can put together an organization. that is not the factor. the factor is, can i do it? can my family? >> he could raise the money at least conceivably to get through an iowa and a new hampshire and possibly a south carolina with a super pacs who aren't quite sold on hillary clinton. >> i think the biggest thing is whether there is space in the electorate for him. even more than raising money, are there supporters who are
1:20 pm
people who say hillary clinton is not my candidate. bernie sanders aren't electable or other factors so joe biden is my guy. he has deep roots in iowa. not so much in new hampshire. deep roots in the south carolina. but when you look at the recent polling where joe biden would be in the race. people considering him. he's still in third place solidly, both nationally and in the key primary states. so even more than does he have the money, i think there is a big question about yes he has favorable numbers because he's not out yet. but there -- >> i think that is a very fair point we have to mention. is there is no natural constituency within the democratic coalition that instantly gravitates towards him. it is a difficult path. all right. we can't not talk about the other guy this the race, donald trump, who seemingly is commented on by everybody else
1:21 pm
running for president. and hillary clinton had this to say about donald trump. i agree with your take in the washington post. this is probably her at her best. take a listen. >> i think it is an unfortunate development in american politics that his campaign is all about who he's against, whether it is immigrants or women broadcasters or aids of other candidates. he is the candidate of, you know, being against. he's great at innuendo and conspiracy theories and really defaming people. that's not what i want to do in my campaign. and that is not how i'm going to conduct myself. >> this is hillary clinton flying above the circus saying i'm the serious candidate. this guy is a joke. >> i'm presidential and he is not. that is exactly what she's saying. and she flushed it out quite bit. >> good toeb for her. >> it -- she -- she sounded --
1:22 pm
yeah, absolutely. she sounded measured and reserved but not in in an off putting way. and she said what a presidential candidate or president says matters. it is heard by all kinds of other people. and by that i assume she was referring to foreign governments as well as constituencies here. and she may have been making an oblique reference to donald trump's stumble yesterday on foreign policy questions. >> and this is ground that clinton is very happy to walk on. and if it wasn't for this e-mail issue she would have all august to take shots at donald trump. unfortunately not in her cards but this is where she's at her best in terms of saying i'm the serious candidate. the republican party is fighting this civil war that's been going on. i'm focused on the issues. if she can get to this crown it is good for her. the question is can she goat that ground. >> and with the statement of
1:23 pm
donald trump she was tushi intu weakness into a strength. she's saying to general election voters that is what you want in a president. you want predictability and stability. as exciting and entertaining as trump can be, being a little boring on that front a good way to be. one thing she didn't say in this interview but has said a lot in the past too is i don't want to talk about donald trump by the way. i want to talk about how jeb bush and marco rubio and scott walkerer all maybe not as bombastic but idealogically in the same place or close to it. and something you keep hearing, tying all republicans as closely as she can to trump. so if she gets through the general election she can look like i was the solid ship all awe along. >> there is a difference though. she say peers now to be shifting towards treating donald trump as the serious front runner and her --
1:24 pm
>> not joking about the hair anymore. >> -- >> it is in her interest to elevate him. that as good piniata to go after. thank you so much for joining me. and as a reminder you can watch more of andrea mitchell's exclusive interview with hillary clinton tonight on nbc nightly news. coming up marriage licenses are being issued to same-sex couples in rowan county kentucky. but the clerk who refused to issue those licenses, she remains in jail. when will she get out? and later a brief security scare at the u.s. open. a the drone interrupts a match and crashes into the stands. what happened there? that's ahead. ♪ [announcer]when we make beyond natural dry dog and cat foods. we start with real meat as the first ingredient. we leave out corn,wheat and soy.
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they would appeal the federal judge's contempt ruling by the end of the day today. speaking from outside the jail where davis is in custody her lawyers said they had spoken with davis and that she had no intention of resigning. >> we just had a good visit with kim davis. and her first and one of her last words to all of us as we were in there is "all is well." she never envisioned herself to be here. but this is where she is. she is here because of her conscience. she's a prisoner of her conscience, if you will. she has no intentions of stepping down because she loves her people and loves the job. >> now, this press conference came as marriage licenses were issued for same-sex couples for the first time at the rowan county clerk's office by davis's deputies. this was the scene outside the clerk's office earlier today.
1:29 pm
joining me now from grayson, kentucky is gabe gutierrez. you were at the clerk's office earlier. now you are at the jail. what is the next step for kim davis? will she be released this weekend. >> >> doesn't look like. her lawyers expect her to be in the jail behind me through at least tuesday. and as you mentioned they are appealing her contempt of court order but they don't see an end in sight with this right now. they say the hearing, the federal court hearing was a cha raid. and they see this as the fight for her religious freedom and she's not backing down. something interesting that came from that press conference we just heard is her lawyers say that she believes that all of the marriage licenses that were issued today are legally invalid without her authorization.
1:30 pm
that is her attorney's position right now. luke. >> and you speak with kim davis's husband today outside the county clerk's office. i want to listen to a little bit of that interview. it's fascinating. >> we might as well be in russia. over in iran. we don't have any religious freedom no more. and if we don't take it back we're in trouble. not only are they coming off the christians, the next step is going to be your preach zplers that is the sentiment shared by many of davis's supports, correct? >> yeah. they do feel their religious freedoms are under attack. she's got an lot of support not just here in kentucky but across the country and it's even become a flash point in the presidential campaign. several republican candidates have come to her defense. there is a rally scheduled here in kentucky for tuesday. so certainly she has attracted a lot of support by people who
1:31 pm
feel that their religious freedom's under attack and who disagree with the supreme court's ruling back in june. >> yes she's certainly becoming an answer to a trivia question in the 2016 republican campaign with all of those candidates mentioning her and really trying to galvanize her own campaigns. nbc's gabe gutierrez thanks for your time. >> and we're following new developments today in the search for three suspected cop killers in northern illinois. remember this story happening all week. police said earlier they are reviewing a number of videos in residents and businesses with the help of the fbi. videos they say are helping to put the story together. officials also announced a tip line and a $50,000 reward for the three suspects who were described again as dangerous. >> i believe that the subjects are dangerous and i reiterate. they murdered a police officer so they are capable of anything.
1:32 pm
>> the funeral for slain officer charles joseph gliniewicz will be held on monday. coming up. did donald trump just have a sarah palin moment? we'll play the interview, you be the judge. and later the holy sea is seeing a little more clearer today. pope francis getting the shades on there, just ahead. uest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return, we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what? you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them.
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1:36 pm
>> -- >> the quds. >> i thought you said kurds. >> no. quds. >> on the front of islamic terrorism, i'm looking for the next commander in chief to know who these are? do you know the players without a score card yet donald trump. >> you know i'll tell you honestly by too time we get to office they will all be changed. they are all gone. those are like history questions. do you know this one or do you know that it one? first day in office i'll know more about it than you will ever know. >> i hope so. >> and today trump was on offense calling hewitt a third rate radio announcer on morning joe. >> when you say quds versus kurds, i naught he said kurds
1:37 pm
this third rate radio announcer. it was like gotcha, gotcha. every question was do i know this one and do i know that one. it was like he worked hard on that. >> joining me now is reporter for the washington post and republican strategist and former presidential advisor to george w. bush. welcome both o of you. here is what came to my mind. i want to play it and get your opinion. >> what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed and to understand the wor world. >> i've read most of them again with a great appreciation for the press and the media. >> what specifically have you -- >> all of them. any of them that have been in front of me over all these years. >> i got to tell you because of the interviewer being hugh
1:38 pm
hewitt, i o thought we had ore moment. hugh hewitt is very kind. he asked what i think are fairly basic questions if you have been briefed by aei or cato or done any of the things that normal republican candidates do. >> anyone could have seen this coming. weeks ago trump said when asked where he got military advice said he watched the sunday shows. it was clear he was not being briefed at this level. the comment about the leaders not being in place maybe by the time he takes over. it is smart of him probably to focus on the kurds/quds things because the rest of the interview was far worse. i think he can make this about him versus an unfair media. >> and ron christie, he is getting some support.
1:39 pm
but i'll go back to what i was saying earlier. is trumps just first response is always just shoot from the hip, i don't know, i don't know. but just trust me. this is going the best thing of all time if you just elect me. i don't think how relevant that is for so long. >> i agree with you. the comment by the time i become president i'm going to know more about these gentlemen than you to to hugh misses the point. if you are running for president there are a lot of foreign policy challenges that are out there. and mr. trump should have known these players and we certainly know. and i take a different tact on this. rather than focussing on donald trump and his knowledge or lack thereof of these folks, my question is why aren't we talk about the president obama has or has not done to contain al qaeda and the iranian national guard. those are questions we should be asking. >> and that is the republican strategist in you speaking out
1:40 pm
ron christie. very wise man. i know where your coming from. but i'm trying to focus on donald trump right here. that is a much large irdiscussion. i want to talk about what the opponents of donald trump have done after this. jeb bush pounced. take a listen. >> you have to know who the players are. you need to know what the capabilities of the united states are. you need a strategy. all of this stuff, you just can't flippantly say i'll hire the best people and it will be done. you have to have some sense of what's at risk here. >> i think that is a good line of attack for the other candidates because unlike the other trumpism, the john mccain attack, the megyn kelly attack. this is a conservative radio host asking basic foreign policy questions that if you want to appear presidential on the stage as the poebt of donald trump you can say look you are not at the capacity to keep the american people safe if you don't know these things.
1:41 pm
>> it could be damaging at the debate if it comes up again. and the reason we're talking so much is hugh hewitt will be at the next debate. so trump can open himself up to something a lot more visible than this. that was typical of jeb bush there where it medianered a little bit. he can't do that on video. for now i do think cynically maybe but based on reporting in primary states in republican voters, i do think he can say the media was unfair. who can answer these questions if they are phrased like that and a lot of those that like limb now will give him a pass. >> is that going to happen once again? trump gets out unscathed. this is the big bad media? >> given hugh hewitt is going to be on the stage for the next debate at the ronald reagan library, you can expect if it is not mr. hewitt than the moderator jake tapper asking about foreign policy and
1:42 pm
mentioning foreign leaders if not in al qaeda and iran than certainly other parts of the globe. so i think donald trump has opened up an achilles heel to an extent. >> i think blood is in the water and this is a line of attack on donald trump that is very effective for a party that worries so much and cares so much about national security. thank you for joining us. coming up. the desperate refugee situation in europe. we'll take you to hungary where hundreds of refugees are out of options, why they have begun making a 300 mile walk to the german border on foot. and we'll get a check on the markets just ahead. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one.
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so this beauty can be yours and 10% financing.ment oh larry, lawrence. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have a 798 fico score. [score alert text sound] [score alert text sound] oh. that's the sound of my interest rate going down. according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816! fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to, become a member of experian credit tracker, and take charge of your score. welcome back. now to the migrant crisis threatening to overwhelm europe.
1:46 pm
three-year-old iran kurdi who shocked the world was laid to rest today alongside his brother and mom. at the grave site today, his grieving father described how he tried to save his family after their both capsized. and while some are offer iing place for the refugees the same cannot be said for other nations. the six oil rich states have offered virtually zero help and they are right next door. today hungary announced it will offer buses to migrants to take them to the border. hundreds gave up waiting and began a walk towards germany. >> hundreds of asylum seekers
1:47 pm
tired of camping out at the train station here in budapest just decided to walk all the way to austria. now it is more than a hundred miles to the border but they are saying they have no other choice because yesterday some trains left for the border. but hundreds got stopped at the nearby train station about 30 miles from here where then they were taken to a refugee camp. and they don't want to go there. they felt cheated so they think that the only way to go to austria and germany where they are to apply for asylum is on foot. >> to the boarder and then to germany. >> do you know how far it is? >> 178 kilometers to the aborter and 300 kilometers to vienna. we'll go over two or three hours take a rest for quarter of hour, ten minutes and go on. >> okay.
1:48 pm
as you can see they made their maps. they know how far it is. they really are ready to risk it all. they will stop every two or three hours and they think together united they will make it to the border. >> thanks so much for that reporting. coming up, play interrupted. a new york teacher is under arrest after flying and crashing his drone into the stands of the u.s. open. and pope francis sneaks out for new spectacles. and the whole trip, guess what, it turned into a spectacle. and why the summer of trump is the summer of comedy. stay with us on ms. ♪
1:49 pm
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1:51 pm
now to some stories popping today. a drone crashes at the u.s. open. a teacher in new york was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment after a
1:52 pm
drone crashed into the stands during a tennis match. it briefly interrupted the match but good news, officials say no one was injured. why anyone needs one of these drones, i don't know. the pope today was just like us. stepping out of the vatican to do shopping and perusing eye wear in a shop in rome. typically ab optician would deliver things to the vatican but this pope likes to do things his own way. he said i don't want a new set of frames, just new lens indeed. and a college student has gone viral this week after she decided to roll around campus in a barbie jeep. yes she was caught driving while intoxicated and had her car taken away for punishment. and she started riding this barbie jeep.
1:53 pm
turning now to wall street. stocks plunge after the monthly jobs report, 173,000 jobs added last month. significantly below expectations. for more here is josh lipton with the cnbc market wrap. >> u.s. stocks closing lower today ahead of a long weekend. that on that disappointing jobs report on certainty about the timing of a rate hike and chinese economic growth all continuing to weigh on sentiment. the dow dropped 272. the s&p fell 30. the nasdaq gave up 50. that is it from cnbc first in business worldwide. ♪ (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore...
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1:56 pm
terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. the volkswagen model year end sales event ends on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealer today. i work on the cheerios team. and when i found out that my daughter-in-law, joyce, can't eat gluten, we found a way to remove the grains that contain gluten, from the naturally gluten free oats that cheerios are made of. so now we can have cheerios together, anytime. getaway friday so we're going light to finish the show. happy labor day everyone. the soumpl trump and also the
1:57 pm
summer of non stop material for comedians. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> a billionaire vanity candidate taking the escalator to the white house. hey, only losers walk. presidents stake stairforce one. >> you're welcome. you're welcome. i was fantastic. the ratings were huge. >> for comedians, donald trump has been the gift that keeps giving but for everyone else he's the gift that keeps on giving women the creeps. >> i want to watch him all the time. >> his highly anticipated follow up, "the best tweets of donald trump." >> never seen a thin person drinking diet coke. >> rhombus, cooties, eucalyptus,
1:58 pm
dijry do. >> pony. futon. nintendo. titmouse. >> trump came back at jeb bush for speaking spanish at all and said jeb bush should only speak english while in the united states. >> bing bing bing. bong bong bong. bing bing. >> just from -- i -- yea, uh. >> comedian dino vidala joining me. this was the gift that keeps on giving. >> this is going to be unbelievable. we are very excited. he -- trump said he was a job creator. fake trump hair.
1:59 pm
trump toilet paper. he just might get to the level of george w. bush and that says a lot. so we're very excited about the prospect of trump running and potentially even winning. >> we really want to know who's going to play him on saturday night. darrell hammond played him in the past. can anyone else do that. >> they have time to look. but i think they should go with darrell. he's doing the announcements. darrell was fabulous. he really made trump come to life. i think they should go with him. you don't get better than that. >> and dean, you remember when d tina fey did --. could they actually make voters perceive donald trump a certain way that might prohibit him
2:00 pm
from. >> i think they could only make trump look more serious at this point. you can can't do a caricature of a caricature. >> dean obser, thank you. have a great holiday weekend. >> i'm jonathan capehart. tonight hillary clinton discusses the e-mail controversy in a wide-ranging interview with andrea mitchell. we'll have the highlights. plus the wait to wed is over in kentucky as kim davis stands her ground from behind bars. and it is force friday, what is behind the hype over the new star wars toys? be first we begin with the exclusive interview with hillary clinton.


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